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Paul Mann Boats Dominate 27th Annual Alice Kelly Ladies Only Billfish Tournament August 14th 2016! LO QUO SEA takes first place!

The 56’ Paul Mann LO QUO SEA held the first place positon after a full day of action and tough competition from all 92 boats entered in the 27th Alice Kelly Ladies Only Tournament! LO QUO SEA, captained by Kevin Paul, racked up five sailfish releases, good for 500 points to win. Lora Whitehurst and Karen Kremser scored two sails apiece, while Amy McGurk added another. Andrew Brady and Lenny Schelin are LO QUO SEA’s excellent mates.

But that wasn’t all! 

Capt. Dennis Endee and boat owner Cheryl Russell and her family team aboard the 56’ Paul Mann A-SALT WEAPON captured

18th Virginia Beach Invitational Billfish Tournament July 23rd-26th, 2014 

The Paul Mann 58-foot SNIPER takes first place in the 2014 VA BEACH INVITATIONAL Billfish Tournament! This makes for two consecutive years that SNIPER has taken the first place win! SNIPER has also now placed first in the tournament four different years! Pretty work and a huge Congratulations to Captain-Owner Jimmy Bayne and his crew! Great fishermen!

The 30th Annual Pirate’s Cove Billfish Tournament 

SNIPER WINS the 30th Annual Pirate's Cove Billfish Tournament, August 12-16, 2013! The 58-foot Paul Mann custom sportfish and her crew had a whopping total of 18 billfish releases in this world-class big game tournament. Huge congratulations to SNIPER Captain and boat owner Jimmy Bayne as well as the other SNIPER anglers for their outstanding top boat finish! Capt. Jimmy along with Mates, Chris Raiford and Alex Strangeways, Anglers Mike Sandusky, Bobby Whelan, Wayne Enroughty, Bobby Whelan and Dan Stefano wrapped up with a total of 17 white marlin releases and one blue marlin release for a total of 1400 points over the four days. Congratulations

The 23rd Alice Kelly Ladies Memorial Billfish Tournament 

Congratulations and a huge shout out to the SNIPER Captain and owner Jimmy Bayne and crew for taking the TOP BOAT in the 23rd ALICE KELLY LADIES MEMORIAL BILLFISH TOURNAMENT! Aboard SNIPER, Tina Balance released a blue marlin and Paula Boone, Theresa Poe and Jeanie Gordon all released white marlin for a total of 330 pts to win by a comfortable margin. 59 boats fished in the Alice Kelly Tournament Sunday August 11 and enjoyed calm seas and an excellent showing of billfish! Also, congratulations to the TOP JR ANGLER, Allyson Russell aboard the A-SALT WEAPON with a white marlin. 

SNIPER wins 17th Virginia Beach Invitational Marlin Tournament July 24-27, 2013 

Big shout out and congratulations goes out to SNIPER captained by owner Jimmy Bayne! Jimmy and crew captured first place overall with 8 white marlin releases. 14-year-old Bryce St. Clair, fishing aboard SNIPER, was named Top Junior Angler with 2 white marlin releases.    [caption id="attachment_1680" align="alignnone" width="300"] Sniper[/caption]

18th Annual Alice Kelly Ladies Memorial Billfish Tournament – 110 boats – Aug. 12 (2007)

 Top boats:          First place - Pelican - Capt. & Owner Arch Bracher - released two blue marlin and two white marlin          Fourth place - Sniper - Capt. Mike Merritt - Owner Jimmy Bayne - released two blue marlin and one white marlin         Top Lady Angler - Second Place - Pelican - Capt. & Owner Arch Bracher - Summer McCarver         Top Junior Angler - Sniper - Capt. Mike Merritt - Owner Jimmy Bayne - daughter Hunter Bayne, first blue marlin