The Paul Mann difference


Experience and expertise counts

No Carolina custom builder offers longer experience combined with greater expertise: Thirty years in business and a lifetime of training, engineering, design skill and specialized resources.

Unparalleled customer service

When you purchase a Paul Mann boat, you get constant support year after year from Paul Mann. All too often that doesn’t happen with other builders.

High tech and higher craftsmanship

From the structure to the systems, exactly the right materials in exactly the right places, all put together with flawless craftsmanship.

55 feet and up. Only.

Paul Mann specializes in 55-foot-plus yachts. And Paul Mann was selected as one of the “Top 50 Sport Fishing Boats of All Time” thanks to “great performance and beautiful interior design.”

A true custom build

No matter the specification or requirement, Paul likely has flawlessly designed and engineered it before. If not, no one has greater skills to achieve your goals.

Performance like no other

Running numbers on recent Paul Mann builds are far beyond expectations and are unmatched by other builders. More here on the most recent build performance.

Frame and plank, or jig

Begin your boat hull with your choice of the classic, traditional frame and plank method, or a jig build. Either one creates a perfect shape.

A proud bow and crown

The unique, unmistakable look of a Paul Mann derives in part from the special beauty of a beefy bow and distinctive crown. A characteristic window cut identifies a Mann from a mile away.

Award-winning cabinetry, design, and joinery

Mann is by far the most awarded wood craftsman in the niche through interiors of an entirely new level, offering dazzling combinations of burnished wood, superb cabinetry, and lush fabrics.

A few at the time.

Some builders attempt to build many boats at once. Paul much prefers to build one or two at the time–no more than three. It’s a better way to focus on efficiency and more complete attention to detail.

On time and on budget

Nothing is more important. Paul delivers on time and on budget each and every time.

The hull characteristic you want

The subtle “convexity” of Paul’s various hull designs ensure the performance for the conditions that most affect your primary end use: fishing, trolling, and running in your area’s typical seas.

A delightful building process

Suffice it to say, the build process will be superior and great fun for you and your family as you and Paul create your masterpiece.

The Paul Mann work of art

The best can only be Mann made. Your Paul Mann will be the best of the best.