Focusing on Health Paul Mann Custom Boats Closes Shop Doors For First Time in 32 Years

UPDATE (March 8, 2021): Paul and Robin would like to thank you all for the kind thoughts and prayers as they have been going through the healing and recovering process these past months. Paul’s surgery and recovery has been going well and now Robin is taking time to heal after her recent surgery at the beginning of March. No update is currently available on the status of when future production will begin. 


Manns Harbor, NC: For 32 years, Paul Mann has stood at the helm of Paul Mann Custom Boats (PMCB) with his wife, Robin, by his side. Together, with their exceptionally talented employees, they’ve built magnificent custom sportfishing boats. Throughout the years, Paul has poured his blood, sweat and passion along with his heart and soul into every boat he’s built. He doesn’t know any other way. And now, looking at the possibility of multiple surgeries to correct painful neck issues, Paul and Robin have decided to put boat building on hold and direct their focus on Paul’s health.  
“This has been an agonizing decision for me and Robin,” noted Paul. “We’ve got current builds to begin and great prospects for the future, we’ve got wonderful employees, some I’ve worked with more than 20 years–but right now, I have to focus on my health.”
Once Hull 140 and several refurbish jobs are complete, PMCB will take a few weeks to get their facilities cleaned up, organized and looking good before they close the doors for an undisclosed amount of time. They anticipate this happening around the first of June.  
“I have all the confidence in the world in my people and their ability to build boats, but I manage the shop and that’s what my customers expect,” says Paul. “I’ve always been a hands-on builder and when they contract for a Paul Mann custom boat, they expect Paul Mann to be at the helm on a day-to-day-basis.”  
Recognized throughout the marine and woodworking industry for award winning craftsmanship, Paul Mann Custom Boats, in Manns Harbor NC, has built more than 40 yachts from 52 to 80+ feet LOA. The first hull launched more than 30 years ago, is still active in sportfishing today and serves as a testament to Paul Mann’s “hands-on” dedication to every aspect of the design build process. 
Paul’s decision was heavily swayed by the fact that at some point he just wasn’t going to be able to continue working at the level he is accustomed to without this surgery. Instead of working until he was forced to stop, he wanted the decision to be on his own terms and in a way that is respectable to his employees and customers.