Video, Images and Run Numbers of the 67′ Lisa K’s First Sea Trial

Lightweight composite materials, unmatched craftsmanship plus a world-class
custom running bottom that can only come from Paul Mann equals incredible, world
class performance. Check out these first running numbers for LISA K:

1100 17
1500 26
1530 27.1
1650 30
1800 33
1900 36
2356 43.1

Portside 91% load
Starboard 93% load
Props: 34.0″d x 49.0″ p x 5 blades

Brief Specifications for Lisa K:
3×3 Layout, (2) Caterpillar C32A DITTA high performance Marine Engines,”E” Rated 1900 BHP
at 2300 RPM in the Tier II Emissions Field test program. Includes CAT 360 joystick
controls and bow thruster, custom Bausch American Tower, (2) Cummins Onan 21.5kw
generators, Release Marine fighting and helm chairs, 42′ “Triple Spreader”
tournament riggers, and an IMS American Electronics package.