The phenomenal tournament fishing success of Paul Mann boats is like no others. The teams aboard the boats in the Mann fleet are perhaps the most successful and respected winners of big game fishing tournaments, from the Bahamas and Caribbean, to Mexico and Central America, and all along the East and Gulf coasts of the United States. See the latest updates.



30 Years! Details are built by the hands but crafted by the heart. Paul Mann celebrates thirty years in business and a lifetime of training, engineering, design still, specialized resources and incomparable attention of detail. Find out much more about what makes the Paul Mann way of boat building so special. See published articles about Paul, our shop, our building process, the launchings of our boats, and more.



Enjoy videos on a wide range of topics, showing how we “flip” a hull in the middle of our process, the excitement of engine installations, and the proud launch days and testing of each of our most recent builds. Also watch as Paul himself explains much more about building your own dream boat, his design philosophy, interiors focus, and more as we add new videos.



There’s craftmanship…and then there’s craftsmannship—only from Paul Mann and his team of craftsmen. Paul Mann’s interiors and cabinetry win the world’s top awards for custom veneer woodworking. Most importantly, the unmatched performance and perfection in workmanship of Mann sportfishers provide the highest levels of owner satisfaction.

Five-Time Veneer Tech Craftsman’s Challenge Winner for Cabinetry, 2005 – 2016 including 2011 Grand Prize

CAUGHT UP 60′, 2016 Craftsman’s Challenge Cabinetry category winner

GEORGIA GIRL 81′, 2011 Craftsman’s Challenge Grand Prize winner

GEORGIA GIRL 81′, 2011 Craftsman’s Challenge Cabinetry category winner

ANN WARRICK 76′, 2009 Craftsman’s Challenge Cabinetry category winner

IZZER 68′, 2005 Craftsman’s Challenge Certificate of Recognition winner