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The 2013 Big Rock  Blue Marlin Tournament 

The Paul Mann Boat LET IT BE captured 3rd place overall in the billfish release category with 3 blue marlin releases The Tournament took place June 10-15 2013. The Paul Mann 65-foot COMPROMISE also caught the first blue marlin of the tournament and won the daily release award for Monday June 10. Congratulations to the captains and crews of these great boats and all the other participants! 

17th Annual Alice Kelly Memorial Ladies Only Billfish Tournament (2006)

80 boats competed, 8 were Paul Mann Boats.  Top Boat - Pelican - 8 white marlin - 560 pts. - Capt. Arch Bracher Jr. 2nd place - True Grit - 6 white marlin - 420 pts. - Capt. Hank Beasley (on time) 3rd place - Qualifier - 6 white marlin - 420 pts. - Capt. Fin Gaddy Congratulations to top Lady Anglers: Summer McCarver - 4 white marlin - Pelican Missy Bracher - 3 white marlin - Pelican Jan Watson - 1 white marlin – Hunter